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It all began on May 26, 2017…

May 26th is when we found out that we won the raffle we entered. Actually Nyla’s ticket was the winning ticket!

The back story here is that in March 2017, I got a mail solicitation from Wings of Hope, that described the annual airplane raffle. The tickets cost $50 and there was only 4000 available. There was a price break at 3 tickets for $125. So, we both bought 3 tickets, thinking that if we didn’t win that the money would goto a great cause. Wings of Hope is a multi-year 4 star charity according to Charity Navigator and their website describes some great things that they do.

Fast forward to Jul 17, 2017, we took delivery of the airplane! What a moment to see our own airplane taxi down the taxiway to meet us.

More posts/pics coming soon…