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July 28, 2018 16D (Perham, MN)

Origin: KMIC
Destination: 16D (Perham, MN)
Total Logged Time: x.y (round trip)

We went to Perham for a Family Reunion. Why not cut a 3.5+ hour drive down to 1.5 hour flight?

16D is a nice little airport right on the highway in town. There is a courtesy car available free of charge, you just need to call the city for the keys when you arrive.

VFR Routing there. Quick stop in KLVM to pick up my mom. Then direct. 01

Flight Crew 02

Return flight home, pop up showers everywhere. Close to home we had the most violent turbulence that I’ve experienced in my career. It is unfortunate that we had a passenger during the time. 03