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July 6, 2018 KEAU (Eau Claire, WI)

Origin: KMIC
Destination: KEAU (Eau Claire, WI)
Total Logged Time: x.y (round trip)

I went solo to Eau Claire on a VFR day, completely IFR rules for a practice run. Being solo, I can’t count any of this flight for IFR currency, but I had the day off work and it was a good flying day, so I went for lunch.

This is the IFR route to KEAU 01

The actual route, looks pretty close. I did the ILS 22 Approach 02

Menu 03

Lunch, good bar food. 05

The restaurant is located here, it will be marked on the outside of the terminal. Or you can ask ground control, like I did. 06

Route Home 04