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April 22, 2018 KBRD “Wings Cafe”

Origin: KMIC
Total Logged Time: 2.3 hours
Approximately .9 hours in air each way

The Wings Cafe is in the General Aviation Terminal at the ramp on Brainerd Lakes Regional Airport. The terminal is on the approach end of Runway 5.

Nice little cafe! Check out their website, apparently some coffee/cafe has been there for ages. Below are all the pictures of the trip. I met with Leah and Kyle, the plan was to go somewhere else but they were closed so I pulled this trip out of my hat. It was a straight shot from KMIC and very uneventful flight, some chop at 4500 and below, smooth above. Beautiful spring day. At the end of the flight, KMIC Tower gladly let us come up for a quick tour, pretty cool to see ATC work! I appreciate ATC and what they do for our Airspace System, it is nice to put a name with a voice.

Direct Routing, many VFR Targets but no factor. 2575

Flight Crew 2574

Enroute 2576

Cafe was packed! We had to wait for a table. There are so many regulars at this place. Everyone knows Kimmy! 2577

I’m guessing you flew here for all-day breakfast. We did! Beware, this cafe is closed around 2-3pm. 2578 2580


Huge Omelette 2581

Heading back home, look at all this traffic! 2583

Flight Crew 2584