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May 9, 2018 Replace PTT on Yoke

The Push-to-Talk (PTT) switch needed to be replaced because it was intermittent. As long as you know the proper part, it is pretty simple. About a 15 minute job.

⚠️ Disclaimer: I am not a mechanic. Do at your own risk, do not blame me for some fault or injury! ⚠️

This is what the PTT switch looks like on the yoke. 2692

Basically, the switch was intermittent. I had one thing on my mind: “How do I verify that the switch is faulty before trying to repair it?”
So, I took the switch out, I saw that it was soldered to the wires which lead to relays behind the panel. At this point, I was feeling confident that the switch was actually faulty based on ground testing. I took a leap of faith and cut the wires, then verified that the relay was predictably engaging when the wires were shorted. 2694

After the above, I just had to find the dang part! I ordered two in case it I screwed up or needed to source another one (I also ordered a soldering iron).
The part number 487-904 proved to be the magic search. 2700

Before shot. 2701

After some soldering, it worked. 2702